The Instagram Account I Always Wanted, But Already Exists

I have often thought about having an Instagram account dedicated solely to pictures of Fried Chicken. I have not only thought about it in my waking hours, but it’s pervaded my dreams on many occasions. Think about it, scrolling through picture after picture of succulent ( I hate that word, but feel compelled to use the goddamn thing), breaded, battered, hot, steamy, deep fried poultry for minutes upon minutes.  I could think of worse things to subject yourself…to.

Well, it turns out that I was definitely not the only ‘Grammer to ponder this possibility, and one particular ponderer went ahead and made this dream a reality.  I present to you:


 photos of fried chicken only 😋🍗🐔
I was going to post a few of their featured pictures, but instead why don’t you click the link, peruse them yourselves, give them a follow, and enjoy their daily chicken posts.
Fowl Words

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