Fowl Words Feature Introduction: Meals I’d Like to Flaunt

FW would like to proudly introduce our first Feature Format, “Meals I’d Like to Flaunt,” or the MILF Files.  The MILF files is a Fowl Words Feature of past meals that have been particularly enjoyable and really deserve to be flaunted. (insert something funny here)


MILF FAQ (Future asked questions)

Q: Is the MILF files a restaurant review?

A: No, Fowl Words does not endorse such sociopathic behavior.

Q: Doesn’t Milf Already stand for something else?

A: Get your mind out of the gutter.

Q: Can we submit our own MILF’s?

A: Yes, submit them to There is no guarantee that they will be used, but why not throw your chicken hat into the chicken ring?

Q: What is the average speed of an unladen swallow?

A: African or European?

Q: Couldn’t you call this something else?

A: Yes.

Q: Will these all be about fried chicken?

A: Probably.

Q: Are you always hungry for fried chicken?

A: Yes, hungry like the wolf.

My favorite dessert? Simon Le Bon Bons

Stay tuned for the first official MILF coming soon….


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ms. September says:

    The last really good fried chicken I had was at Crouse Cafe in Indianola. Interested in your thoughts at some future date.


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