Let the fowl words flow!

Nashville Hot Chicken at Kevin Sbraga’s The Fat Ham in Philadelphia***

Thanks to the tens of frieds, I mean friends, that chimed in on my query “what would you name my fried chicken blog if I had a fried chicken blog to name?”  There were some really fantastic ideas, and some really terrible garbage.  Personally, I was going to go with “The Fried Chicken Chronicles,” but that is already a thing,* or book, or a movie, or crappy tumblr, or something.  So, without further ado, and sans chicken puns, I present unto thee


(Imagine some sweet logo in the place of the above URL**)

Here you will find poorly written sporadic posts about Fried Chicken and Fried Chicken related things from the greasy fingers and even greasier mind of a Fried Chicken obsessed food person.  Planned for the future are posts rating all of the FC I encounter during my travels around the planet, reposts and heavy judging of other FC related articles, and a bunch of instances of using FC as an abbreviation for Fried Chicken.  There may be some video footage demonstrating fried chicken recipes, a top ranking of my favorite spots for FC, a chronicling of my cholesterol levels through the life of this blog (and the death of me), and more. Fuck yes. Oh, and some Fowl Words.




*A really boring sounding thing, but I’ll probably get around to covering that at some point or whatever.

**This is a thinly un-veiled request for a logo from one of you sweet designer-types out there in the big, bright world.

***This dish was my birthday dinner this year. I will be writing about it, and Chef Sbraga in the near-isn future.

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